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Accessing the SDP-CB1Z + AD2S1210SDZ Evaluation Board from C#

Question asked by ricochen0903 on Aug 24, 2017

I'm trying to use access a SDP-CB1Z + EVAL-AD2S1210SDZ setup from a C# application. I'm using the SDK sdpApi1.dll ( I'm using the sdpApi1.SdpManager.connect() function from a C# Application to connect to the EVAL-AD2S1210SDZ . The API asks for one or two EEPROM ID to connect to the SDP daughterboard.I search all the document and EngineerZone , but not found the EEPROM ID for AD2S1210SDZ


would you please give me The EEPROM ID for the AD2S1210SDZ

best regards

Rico chen