ADXL312 Resolution

Discussion created by snacknstack on Aug 24, 2017
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Good morning,

I've recently set up communication between my kinetis K64 processor and the ADXL312Z eval board over i2c.  I've done the bare bones setup of interrupt driven (currently not using this, I'm just polling the ADXL312 for data for test,) setting the data format register to 0x08 for full resolution, and setting the data ready bit to get info.  It's working, and I can see data change, but looking at the the LSB register of say, the x-axis, my count results span a range of around 20 when the adx is firmly mounted in position (static.)  Either I'm formatting my data badly, or there are additional registers I need to set to get a 0.25 deg resolution.  I've read the data sheet, but I'm a little fuzzy on which way to go.  for my application, the default +-1.5g seems like the best option. 


Any advice, please?