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how to insert xFFT module on hdl-2016-r2 project

Question asked by StefanoG on Aug 23, 2017
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my mission is, starting from the hdl-2016-r2 project, receive on micro (no-OS) the samples resulting from the radio and filtered by an xFFT IPCORE FPGA module.

I use a zedboard with the AD9361 sdr module.

I tryed all the possible solutions, but nothing out on zynq. Can someone send me a link to dowload a project hdl+noOS with also an fft inserted and working?

for me this SDR is not usable if this simple modification is not possible, and for my tests is not possible!.

Is incredible that an SDR module with this cost have not an FPGA project that show a frequency spectrum on a zynq without OS.

I hope that someone can show me the way.