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How to use the ADuM140D

Question asked by Mamadou on Aug 23, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2017 by Mamadou

Hi all,

I am trying to use the add isolation into a circuit I am designing.

For the digital signals, I have used the ISO7640FMDW and for the analog signal, I have the DA102JC audio transformer.


I now want to change the transformer with the ADuM140D but I am getting nowhere.


Question 1: Can I use the ADuM140D to isolate my analog signal (varying from 100mVpp to around 300mVpp with 20kHz frequency)?


Question 2: If the ADuM140D  can be used for analog signal isolation. I used the chip as below:

The signal is from signal generator: 100mVpp @ 20kHz is connected directly to pin 3 and on pin 14 the oscilloscope.

ADuM140D No output

I did not get the signal on pin 14.

I tried at 1kHz and different amplitudes. I also tried a square wave which also did not get out on pin 14.

What I am doing wrong?


Question 3: I cannot use the digital isolator for my anolog signal, would you recommend any that meet the IEC60601-1 standard.


Thanks for the help.