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I2C communacation failure with SSM2529

Question asked by niutao on Aug 23, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2017 by galvinpjg

SSM2529 concurs I2c comunacation failure, while other devices on the same bus works ok.Please help analize this problem.i used i2ctool in linux host, but can not detect the SSM2529 i2c address, while the other device can show there address and is under control.

my design is as belows,R1602 10k,R1601 NA,R1604 0R,R1647 0R.   I've tried I2C pullup resistor like 1k,2.2k,4.7k,10k,none of the solution can work.

l saw in the bbs that the LDO current is not enough,so i connected R1647,but the problem is that i can not cut off between the ldo_out and DVDD on my board, because they connect under the chip. so i can not figure out if this is the key point for the issue or not. I 've finished the debugging of all the other part of the board, only left this issue, so i need an urgent help on this issue.