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AD9117 boot up problems

Question asked by jpsaigautam on Aug 23, 2017
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We are using the AD9117 DAC in our design. The question is regarding SPI communication. We have tied the PINMD/RESET pin to ground. We configure the DAC in the following manner: SPI reset=1, SPI reset=0 and other current configurations. the DAC is used in multiple boards and runs without problems in most of the boards. Some boards show boot up DAC problems wherein the output of the DAC is erratic. We performed SPI readback to all registers in such cases and we see that the reg values keep toggling between 10 and 255, which we find improbable.


We have been able to reproduce this behavior of the DAC by setting bit 4 of Reg 0 (change to 13 bit addressing) to 1.

My question is, is it possible that sometimes the DAC boots with this bit set, although it should be reset as per default.

Another question which I have is,  the 13 bit addressing applies to Reg 00 too?