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Problems with AD9958 programming

Question asked by Alexei on Aug 23, 2017
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Problems with AD9958 programming.

  1. I cannot turn off channel CH0 by control register 0x00 (CSR): I disable the corresponding bit, but at the output (CH0) there is a signal and even the frequency is changed by programming register 0x04 and at the same time when I do a read-back of the content of the register 0x00 (CSR) and it shows that the content is needed (CSR: [7:0]-10110010), channel CH0 should be disable and no any signal must be at the output.
  2. I cannot turn on channel CH1: AD9958 does not react on programming register 0x00 (CSR) (CSR: [7:0]-10110010)+register 0x04+ I/O_UPDATE Signal, there is no any signal at the output.


X-ray-control has not shown any defect in soldering. Programming is done according the data sheet (Rev. C), I/O_UPDATE signal after configuring is formed (controlled by oscilloscope).


Could you advise try anything or hint what is wrong?


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