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AD4007 / AD4003 - TIA interface

Question asked by tbet2017 on Aug 22, 2017
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we are looking into a transimpedance amplifier frontend based on the AD8597 for the AD4007 (or the AD4003).


Is it feasible to use the AD8597 as a buffer for the SAR ADC ?


Would there be any drawbacks compared to the suggested ADA4897 in the datasheet of the AD4007 as an input buffer ?


Is a two stage TIA design (TIA with second stage buffer) mandatory - or could a single stage TIA - consisting of the AD8597 be sufficient ?


What would be a recommmended way to adapt the TIA to the (fully) differential interface ?

Does it make sense to implement a fuly differential TIA or is there a pseudo differential input feasible as it could be done for Linear's LTC2368 ?


Best, Thorsten