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Orienting in buying an IMU

Question asked by caro.bono on Aug 22, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by caro.bono

Good morning everyone,


I'm looking for a solid accelerometer+gyro solution to be mounted on unmanned vehicles.


I'm basically interested in acquiring a precise telemetry (so 6 axes could already fit my needs) but I was a bit lost in the offering. I'm already mounting an RTK system for positioning, so the overall idea is to have a (very) precise measure of the motion.


Basically I filtered the IMU offering by range equal to 18g, since for example I'm interested in events such as unwanted collisions (I started from this table but I must say I'm a bit lost in the offering.


The thing that I'm failing to grasp is how complex is to plug such sensors to a Linux system, especially in terms of optional boards and wiring (software is less problematic). Also, I don't understand if and which sensors are "easier to setup" in that sense (or widely used/documented) or if there are kits or anything similar.


I'm not dreaming of a plug-and-play solution, but I basically don't know how to trade off precision and simplicity (price is not that problem)


Thanks in advance and sorry for the very generic question!