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Why is the output of this 1761 dsp clipping?

Question asked by ElectronicsEEDC on Aug 22, 2017
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I'm trying to find out why the output of my dsp is clipping. I'm using a ADAU1761. I went ahead and tried my setup on an ADAU1X61EBZ eval board and it is clipping there as well.


I'm putting a 1.56Vpeak to peak 1kHz sinewave into pin 10 and pin 11(gnd). I've enabled the differential path in Sigma Studio and when I look at the output (I'm probing R13 and R14 on the eval board) I see a clipped signal.


It's my understanding that the input can be as high as the 1.56Vpp. Is this correct? I've checked and I'm providing 1.8V to the DSP for power.


I am uploading a picture of my input and output taken from an oscilloscope and the sigma studio project file.

Any help would be appreciated!