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[ADL5365] - Component selection

Question asked by Anton*89 on Aug 22, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2017 by Anton*89

Good morning,

we have to implement the schematic of ADL5365 for our project. In the table 8 of datasheet several components are suggested in default conditions. We have an issue about components with refdes: C1, C12 and C10. These components need for ac-coupling of RF and LO ports. The table reports the nominal value of capacitors, but it is not clear if the value is referred to a particular frequency or not.

Our questions are the following:

  • Do the 3 pF and 22 pF capacitors have to be chosen by taking into account the frequency variation of their impedances? For example, if RF signal is at 2 GHz, do we choose the capacitor to have 3 pF at 2 GHz?
  • Do the value of capacitors have an impact to RF and LO input impedance? If yes, how could I foresee?
  • Could you suggest a part number for these components?

Many thanks