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Self-Boot ADAU1452 with AD1939 in Standalone Mode... ADC issues.

Question asked by dk0411 on Aug 22, 2017



I've been trying to solve a unique issue I have with a prototype design. Basically it is an ADAU1452 running in Self-Boot mode, hooked up to an AD1939 configured in Standalone Mode.


Everything seems to work just fine... except to get the ADC's running properly I have to click the 'Link Compile Download' button numerous times (there is no magic number).


I get either no audio, static, other noises, a noisy audio signal... or it works fine.


I've checked the reset pin for both devices, etc. and that all seems to be okay.


The DAC's however work just fine, no matter what. I tested this by using a sine wave generator in Sigma Studio, and they never miss a beat.


Any help would be very much appreciated.




UPDATE: Had COUT held high on the AD1939 instead of low. Problem solved.