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RF transceiver with bandwidth comparable to FMCOMMS1

Question asked by oppradhan on Aug 18, 2017
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My requirements are as follows


Application: Pulsed radar


Instantaneous Tx/Rx bandwidth (for baseband digitially generated IQ signal): 100 MHz (minimum)


Carrier frequency: 500 - 1000 MHz


In the past I have been using the FMCOMMS1-EBZ which worked perfectly for my purposes, but quite frustratingly it has been discontinued and I really can't find any stray fmcomms1 board at all.


Questions 1:


1. I understand that the instantaneous receiver bandwidth on the ad9371 or ad9375 is 100 MHz. Does this mean the ADC is 200 Msps or thereabouts? 


2. If the Rx bandwidth is NOT limited by the ADC what other components on the receive side contribute to the limit on this instantaneous bandwidth?


3. Is the 100 MHz instantaneous bandwidth an actual achievable bandwidth? Or is this going to be further reduced by any filters/ other components. 


4. In the ad9371 datasheet, Table 8, pg. 58, a Rx Bandwidth of 100 MHz seems to correspond to an Rx Ouput Rate of 153.6 MSPS. Does this mean the Rx ADC is sampling at 153.6 MSPS ? If so how can it have a bandwidth  of 100 MHz which is greater than the allowed nyquist rate?


I'm really not able to understand the instantaneous bandwidth specs. from just the data sheet and any help in clearing above questions up will be much appreciated.


For starters it'd be great if juts a pure sampling rate can be provided for the DAC and ADCs in the transceiver chip.