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ADV7343 CVBS Output Distorted

Question asked by emilzacharia on Aug 18, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2017 by ranaya
Hi all,
We wanted to display a video played from ImX6 based board though CVBS interface, for which we are using ADV7343 analog video encoder. But we are unable to configure the ADV to make it work in the desired way.
Our basic scheme is as follows,
_______                       ____________________                         ____________________
| iMx6  |====lvds===> | lvds to RGB converter | ====RGB===> | Analog video encoder |===CVBS===>
-----------                       ------------------------------------                          ----------------------------------


lvds to RGB converter -> ADV7343BSTZ

Analog video encoder -> DS90CF384AMTD/NOPB

The video output from iMx6 is through lvds display interface, with 27MHz pixel clock. The lvds to RGB converter is used to convert to parallel 24 bit RGB video with seperate Hsync, Vsync and pixel clock signals, which is connected as input to the Analog video encoder.


We are configuring the Analog video encoder as shown in Table 71 in the datasheet, with the following sequence ( in: 24-bit 525i RGB (NTSC) out: YPrPb and CVBS/Y-C ).


Reg 0x17 => 0x02
Reg 0x00 => 0xfc
Reg 0x01 => 0x00
Reg 0x80 => 0x10
Reg 0x82 => 0xc9
Reg 0x87 => 0x80
Reg 0x88 => 0x10
Reg 0x8a => 0x0c


But two images, half the width of original image appears side to side on the tv, instead of normal image. Also a black line appears in the middle.


An image of how the video appears on the tv is attached herewith.
Displaying IMG-20170809-WA0009.jpg
Displaying IMG-20170809-WA0007.jpg
us to solve this.Please do help 
Thanks in Advance.