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How to detect missing samples on ADALM-PLUTO?

Question asked by sivantoledo on Aug 18, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2017 by sivantoledo

Is there a way to detect that RX sample that fill the buffer in subsequent calls are not contiguous? This is critical in my application and I think that is also generally very useful. 


As I understand the situation, if I read samples into a buffer in a tight loop, there could still be missing samples if the sample rate is too high for the interface that delivers the samples (RNDIS etc). For applications that need to process samples with no gaps and/or to know when samples arrived, the current situation amounts to a silent failure. Not good, and really not consistent with the rest of the libiio design, which reports all errors.


The ideal situation would be for the function that fills the buffer to return or fill a data structure that indicates a time stamp for the samples (using any reasonable clock or sample counter). 


Thanks, Sivan Toledo