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FMComms2/3/4 on Pluto GNURadio problems

Question asked by G4DCP on Aug 17, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2017 by G4DCP

I am trying to use an ADALM-PLUTO on a Linux Debian 9.0 machine.


I have grc and all the drivers installed up to and including gr-iio.  The block loads in GRC successfully  but the outputs are BLUE as expected (8 bytes wide ?).  I am trying to use the examples in iio-examples and having problems. 


How do you set the output data type?  I have two versions of the fm-radio example one expects a short another expects a float. The example cyclic-sine expects a short as does the fm-transmitter. However the block is giving as its output a complex (I think 8 bytes wide).


I am unable to reconcile the examples with the current version of FMComms even thou the examples are from the package build.


Please let me know what my "silly" error is as it must be a trivial setting somewhere!


-- Peter (G4DCP)