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Best way to perform a real-time long FIR on 21489

Question asked by Cedrikos on Aug 17, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2017 by Cedrikos

Hi all.

I am using a Sharc 21489 (on an EZ Board dev kit).

I need to perform a long FIR (probably 2048 taps) in real time, with small buffer size, say 32.

The use of the Sharc library's function fir is way too processor consuming.


I'd like to use an accelerator to perform this. To my knowledge there is an FFT accelerator on the 21489 (with which I could perform a convolution as a multiplication in freq domain), but there are no library functions provided to use it. Is that correct?

I looked at the provided example 512_Point_FFT. But it is hard to comprehend for me.


I also found some posts on this topic on the forum, but they refer to code of different years, and it is difficult for me to understand which is the correct version for me to look at.


Also, I saw mentioned somewhere a FIR accelerator, but is there any on the 21489?


So, can anyone tell me what's the best solution to perform such a FIR (processor load being the most critical aspect)?

And also point me at the best example to start from?


Thanks a lot,