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ADV8003 Color Space Conversion (CSC)

Question asked by PaddyOFurniture on Aug 16, 2017
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I am afraid I don't understand the equations for color space conversion provided in the HW Manual for the ADV8003 - or at least I don't know how to apply them to my particular application.

I am routing RGB into the ADV8003 which implies that CSC is required as ADV8003 works in YCbCr color space.  The properties of my input signal are a little odd - as in none of the preset input resolutions apply.  I am trying to bring in an 800x480@60Hz (WVGA) signal that is 18-bit color total (i.e. 6-bit per R, 6-bit per G, 6-bit per B).  I've routed R[5]-R[0] to P35-P30, G[5]-G[0] to P23-P18, and B[5]-B[0] to P11-P6.

For vid_format_sel I've chosen 3x8-bit buses as this gets me closest to my actual color depth but not exact.

From my reading, it seems as though the CSC is ready to accept my arrangement of RGB without any mucking with the vid_swap_bus_ctrl being necessary.

The output I am trying to achieve is 1920x1080p@60Hz at 24-bit (R:8,G:8,B:8) color depth or 36-bit (R:12,G:12,B:12) color depth to be output over HDMI.

Where I am a bit confused is how to know what InputA, InputB, and InputC are.  What are the A1[12:0], A2[12:0], etc.?  Do these apply exactly to my application as I am not using the full 12-bit per color (my app has only 6-bit per color input)?  Is there possibly a spreadsheet that I could plug my parameters into and have these CSC coefficients calculated for me?


Are there potentially other things that I need to do to get such an odd resolution and odd color depth to work with the ADV8003?  I realize that there are probably other chips better suited for what I am trying to do, but I have an ADV8003 eval board (non-HDCP version) and wanted to use it to prototype something quickly as opposed to bringing in another eval board.


Let me know if additional information is required.


Thank you,

Paddy O'Furniture