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How to enable ethernet via usb for picozed-ad9361 board

Question asked by Aban on Aug 16, 2017
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We have a Picozed SDR board with AD9361 transreciever module. We have the Linux (from ADI ) running on the board and we are running libiio applications (for eg. oscilloscope and ad9361_iiostream.c) and our applications around them.  The board has a usb port and we are trying to enable Ethernet via usb. We have a Ethernet to usb connector and trying to get Ethernet via usb port.


On just connecting the cable , it didn't work. on executing ifconfig, we could see eth0 and eth1 ports but couldn't see the usb port or mac address related to it. On reading the internet it seems we have to configure the kernel to enable usb Net Ethernet options. Can you please help in this regard if this is so , or if its expected to work directly. What options should we use to configure in the kernel. We are using the zynq_xcomm_adv7511_defconfig.


Our goal is to finally connect the board using the Ethernet-usb-otg port, get a ip address and remote login into the board using that.  It will be helpful if you can guide us here. larsc