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Adding IP Catalog components to the Ad HDL framework

Question asked by kasefish on Aug 16, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2017 by rejeesh


I am using the Picozed SDR reference design (HDL) supplied by ADI.

I am successfully using the HDL framework.

I can add my own HDL modules to the library, and build them.


However, I am confused about how to add a component generated from the Xilinx IP catalog, within the ADI HDL structure (such that it resides in the library, and has the appropriate scripts to make it).


Is there any documentation that sheds some light upon how ADI intend this to be used?

Is there an example anywhere?


Maybe something that gives a bit of a clue about how the scripts in the following directory work?



I guess I am after someone who understands how this is intended to be used saying - it works roughly like this, but I'm failing to work it out alone.


Many thanks