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How to boot and load ADRV9361 from power up?

Question asked by ihart on Aug 16, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2017 by ihart

We have an ADRV9361 and an ADRV1CRR FMC carrier card.  We have a number of demos running including the FM receiver and the walkie talkie transmitter.   We also have the AD IIO scope control and can run Simulink and Matlab demos.


We would like to boot and load the ADRV9361 from power up with NO ethernet and NO JTAG connections and need some DETAILED guidance.  Questions: 


  • Can you give us a simple example design that will send out a SINE wave to TX1 on the ADRV9361 at board powerup (with NO ethernet and NO JTAG connections)?
  • What is read from the SD card to load the parts at powerup?  ARM code?  FPGA code?  Boot.bin?
  • Do we need to use Vivado to write the flash parts on the ADRV1CRR  or ADRV9361 to get it to boot? 
  • What is the exact power-up sequence of a "run from boot" scenario?  e.g. this is a guess:
  1. ARM wakes and waits for fpga to program from flash. 
  2. ARM Boots from SD card.  
  3. ARM Writes AD9361 part with initialization.  
  4. Clock from AD9361 starts and drives Zync FPGA fabric.
  5. FPGA fabric starts up.


Please give us detail.  Thank you.