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How to do with the RF output of HMC755

Question asked by tang_yu on Aug 16, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2017 by kkaya

Hi, I am a beginner  to RF design. I need to design the impedance match of HMC755LP4E,

and  need some help .

As the picture show,  three RF output  ports of HMC755 are connected together.

 How to calculate the  value of TL1 and TL2, when the datasheet do not note the impedance of port15,port16,port17?

How to calculate the value and position of C11,C12,C10,L1 at f =2.5GHz?  and  How does the position of C1 in the input port affect the input impedance?  What does the "PCB Material: 10mil Rogers 4350"?

is it necessary to simulate the impedance match with ADS when we  do PCB wiring?


THANKS ! Best wish to you!