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HMC1095 application circuit

Question asked by downtown on Aug 15, 2017
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Please let me know how to use ACG1 to ACG6 .

1. Does each pin require external capacitor individually ?  Application circuit of  datasheet shows that ACG1,2 and 3 are connected to ground togethher . How should I do ?


2. Datasheet says "Select value for lowest frequency of operation". Then is it necessary to change value for flowest requency ?  Or is it available for DC to 3GHz that C2 is 100nF, C3 is 100nF, C4 is 100nF and C5 is 330pF ?


I am planning to use this part in two kinds of circuit. One is 50MHz to 1GHz, and another is 1GHz to 3GHz.



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