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How to generate waveform from false cyclic mode consistent as true cyclic mode

Question asked by mr_nazrin on Aug 15, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2017 by larsc

Dear Support Team,


I run a simple sine signal source on gnuradio + fmcomms2 to transmit from TX1A and receive at RX2A. Parameters set are frequency signal=12k, sample_rate=2.084M, buffer size =8.192k as shown in figure flow-graph.png.


At the beginning, I run true cyclic mode and successful display the waveform in good shape as shown in figure waveform-cyclic-true.png. I can see the waveform looks static and constant over the time. 


Then in order to vary frequency signal source , the false cyclic mode is configured. The result is promising but there are some issue on consistency waveform display on GUI over the time. Example figure on waveform-cyclic-false-inconsistency1/2/3.png. I can see the amplitude is shifting/incomplete form/over etc..


May I get some idea or suggestion how to obtain good waveform  on false cyclic mode as same as true cyclic mode. I believe some parameters should I refine.


Thank You