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a problem when change the xdc of pins(484pins to 400pins)

Question asked by SKTYLDD on Aug 15, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2017 by SKTYLDD
I have a new problem, my hareware ZYNQ7020 has 400 pins , and your program is 484 pins.
I change some pins' xdc ,and delect  IPs of HDMI, then I run synthesis, it has errors
[commom 17-223] failed to read message file c:/users/zc702/fmcomms2_zc702.runs/synth_1/.xinl/vivado-5096-/realtime/tmp/26277B00.rtd.pd. please check permission of the directory and existence of the file(9 more likes this)
I open the file c:/users/zc702/fmcomms2_zc702.runs/synth_1/.xinl, it only has system_top_propImpl.xdc ,I look at other project, it only has this file too。 I can't deal this problem ,thank you !
when I look at the Log, it shown that:
error[17-39]'systh_design' failed due to earlier errors
                      while executing
          'systh_design -top system_top part xc77z020clg400-1'
         (file 'system_top.tcl' line 68)
I open the file 'system_top.tcl' ,the line 68 is :set property processing order EARLY [get files{{c:......../source_1/bd/system/ip/system_sys_ps7.0/system_sys_ps7.0.xdc