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ADIS16480 Reference Matrix

Question asked by andrew_sa on Aug 14, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2017 by andrew_sa

Hi I'm trying to use the reference transformation matrix to have the IMU output in NED coordinates rather than ENU. My reference matrix is 

{{0, 1, 0},

 {1, 0, 0},

 {0, 0, -1}}

Which should yield a swap of the body x/y axes and an inversion of the z axis.


I have bit 3 in EKF_CNFG cleared to use the local nav frame.


I have the IMU to output the DCM. 


The issue I'm having is that there is no change orientation change of the DCM when using the default ref or my new ref. The only thing that happens is the DCM output is scale by ~1/4.


Is there something I'm missing in the setup or used of the reference matrix? Thanks.