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Sure Adau 1701 external Potentiometer

Question asked by MukboxX on Aug 14, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by DaveThib


I got the Sure Adau1701 Board and want to do an external Volume control over an 10k Linear Potentiometer.

I use the litte dsp for my mobile Boomboxes. In my earlier versions i use the miniDSP. This works fine.

But now i have the problem, that the potentiometer have no functionality to the dsp. I have no idea why it don't work.

So i do an Sigmastudio DSP design as the one below:


So i want to use the Aux ADC 3 Input to the GPIO MP8 to regulate the volume over an potentiometer.




I try it with an 430Ohm resistor in front of the MP8 and without an resistor. But nothig is happend.

the only differnece is a loud plopping if the potentiometer reachs the end of its rotation without the resistor.

What i do wrong?