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AD9915 SPI 3-wire problem

Question asked by embvis on Aug 11, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2017 by pkern


I am trying to communicate with #AD9915 assembly on ADI EVB

I connect EVB pins directly to MCU #STM32 @ 3V3:


MPIO0 [AD9914 #22] - "CSB" to MCU pin as NSS soft - gpio HS

MPIO1 [AD9914 #21] - "SCLK" to MCU pin as SCK hard SPI1

MPIO2 [AD9914 #20] - "SDIO" to MCU pin as MOSI hard SPI1

MPIO3 [AD9914 #19] - "SDO" to MCU pin as MISO hard SPI1

RESET and IO_UPDATE connected to MCU as std GPIO out.


Firstly I toggle RESET AD9914, and next try to swich into SPI 3-wire MODE (IOCFG 3,2,1 Low, IOCFG0 High).

I send via SPI command: 00 00 01 00 0a, next toggle IO update. But when Iam trying to query AD9915 I cannot get anything, just FF FF FF ...


Thank you.