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Question asked by AminRon on Aug 11, 2017
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We have two AD8283 eval boards in hand and we are trying to do some tests on them. But we observed short circuit to the ground at some input ports of both of the boards. In one of the boards CH_A+ and in the other CH_A+, CH_B+, CH_C-, CH_D+, CH_D-  are shorted. At the other ports, 50 Ohm is measured, as expected. We thought maybe overcurrent protection diodes might be shorted but when they are removed the problem still remains. We also removed the 50 Ohm input resistor but no result again. Since the input ports are ac-coupled to the input pins of the AD8283, the short is somewhere between the input SMA and the ac-coupling capacitor. I would be happy if somebody from ADI or somebody with the same problem can comment.