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ADV7611 input & output frame rate problem

Question asked by EricWu on Aug 10, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2017 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal

Hi Engineer :


We are now debugging the ADV7611 but facing some problems,

the input source with GOPRO is fixed to 1920x1080@30,

we expected the output should be the same setting with 1920x1080@30,

but as I measure output VSync pin, the clock still measured as 60HZ,  

what is the possible cause of this issue ?

all the register and edid info are programmed as attachment,

the IO & HDMI register are read as below

1. IO Map R0x6F  :   01
2. IO Map R0x6A  :   53
3. HDMI Map R0x04  :  23
4. HDMI Map R0x05  :  B0 
5. HDMI Map R0x07  :  A7


VID_STD and PRIM_MODE are read as below

6. IO Map R0x00 : 08  

7. IO Map  R0x01: 06


If the HDMI is detected automatically, the PRIM_MODE should be set automatically ? or need manually set ?

the IO 0x00 with the value 0x08 seems not match 1920x1080P30 ?