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ADAU1452 - warning (27,ExtDelay1): Preprocessor macro re-definition?

Question asked by op-electronics on Aug 10, 2017
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i get this warning once i do the link-compile-connect or link-compile-download:


warning (27,ExtDelay1): Preprocessor macro re-definition of 'PIN_DRIVE_MAX_SPEED_NO_PULL'with different value (3922,0)


The application uses Voltage Controlled SPI Delay with 23LC1024 RAM and Master Control Port SPI Interface through 25AA1024 EEPROM (which holds program memory data too). When i run the program Voltage Controlled SPI Delay stops working and passes no signal anymore while Master Control Port Interface seems to work fine.


If i do remove blocks for Master Control Port Interface than Voltage Controlled SPI Delay starts to work again.


Can you help me understand what's happening?


If needed i can send the program but i would prefer not to publish it here.


Thank you