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Eval board BT656 doesn't display

Question asked by carlvanwormer on Aug 9, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by carlvanwormer

I am using the EVAL-ADV7612-7511 board and AVES Blue 3.03.1557 program.  With the default jumper settings and power-up defaults, I can see my several video sources (Raspberry Pi, DVD player, and an automotive USB camera-to-HDMI device) displayed on the monitor after passing through the eval board.  

I'm trying to use an 8-bit wide BT656 (embedded syncs) as the communication path between the 7612 and the 7511.  I've edited a script from Mattp (script: 6-1dm3 576i ADV7612 8-bit BT656 embedded syncs ADV7511) to change the 576i entries to 480i settings.  I may have some mistakes in my settings, but I have 2 major concerns about my current results:

1. There seems to be a lot of automatic stuff going on in the background to make things work.

      a. For R-Pi to display, I power up the eval board, wait 30 seconds, run a terminal program, enter the HDMIA command,and the display shows the R-Pi output (with 75MHz DV_CLK) .

      b. For the DVD player, there is an intermittent set of steps to get the display, which I can't seem to repeat now . . .

      c. For the automotive HDMI, I only have to power up the board and the display shows on my monitor after 15 seconds.(with 75MHz DV_CLK).


Question 1:  Is there some startup step that I'm missing to reduce the ambiguity of my pass-through display of various HDMI inputs in power-up pass-through mode?


2. For the automotive HDMI input, I can power the eval board up to get a display, and when I run AVESBlue, the display blanks when I connect to the board using RS-232 serial. After I run the 7612 reset and the 7511 power up default scripts, and then run the 6-1dm3 script (without the last 8 lines (below) and the input video shows up on the monitor.  When I run these last 8 lines of the script (switching into BT656 mode):


98 03 00 ; 8-bit SDR ITU-656 mode
98 19 C3 ; LLC DLL phase (Matt)
98 04 42 ; OP_CH_SEL
98 05 2C ; AV code on
72 15 04 ; input id = 4
72 16 79 ; 8 bits, Style 1
72 48 00 ; even adjust
72 17 01 ; gen de


the display goes blank and the DV_CLK goes to 150MHz.  I think this clock frequency is above the specified operating range.


Question 2:  Is there something I'm doing wrong in my attempt to use BT-656 mode with my HDMI input?


Question 3:  Since I've been spending significant time not making real progress with my attempt, is there a better way (different input video sources, better troubleshooting approaches, magic) that might help to make better progress?