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CCES Compiler Optimization question

Question asked by MZC on Aug 9, 2017
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CCES compiler fail to generate SIMD instruction to copy two arrays. e.g,


I defined global arrays


float A[100];

float B[32]; 

float *dstptr;


In initialization function, I assigned


dstptr = &A[0];


In some function that runs when 32 samples are recieved, I want to copy Array B to Array A with variable offset like this


srcptr = &B[0];

#pragma SIMD_for

for(i=0; i<32; i++)


   *dstptr++ = *srcptr++;

   dstptr = circptr(dstptr, 1, (float *) &A[0], 100);



it just copies the 32 samples in circular Array A.

But not able to generate SIMD instruction. Any clue?


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Mussab Zubair