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Extra SDATA_OUT on ADAU1452

Question asked by ThomasHolm on Aug 9, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2017 by pbthesp

Hi All,


I'm using SDATA_OUT3, SDATA_OUT1, SDATA_OUT0 to send data to Amplifier chips. The Amplifier chips only support I2S, so I cannot use TDM to reduce SDATA_OUT pin count.

SDATA_OUT2 is used for transferring data to a streaming module.

So I need to add a extra SDATA_OUT pin that syncs with OUT 3/1/0. Is there a way I can output a fifth SDATA channel on pin LRCLK_OUT1/MP5, or other pin ?


If this is not possible, can someone suggest a cost effective DAC chip with SPDIF input?


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