ADE7658 RMS voltage measurements

Discussion created by faridmab on Aug 8, 2017
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Using ADE 7858, I am trying to read an RMS voltage for phase A, I tested this input with a 0.25V DC at PIN VAP, and I read this value: 06F10A6C after I send this command: Read_Phase_VRMS(&I2c2Handle,AVRMS,2,&RxBuffer[0],0x04,1000);


Data I read back is stored in RxBuffer, and I am using a gain of 1.


The above value( 06F10A6C) is more than the maximum value mentioned on the data sheet which is: 0x3FF6A6. Any comments on this ?


Here is how I initialized ADE7858:

 Write_ADE7858_I2C(&I2c2Handle,CONFIG2,2,3,1000); //Read CONFIG2 to make sure I2C is the communication protocol used

  //2-- RUN DSP

  Write_ADE7858_I2C(&I2c2Handle, WTHR0,0x00FF6A6B,6,1000);   //bit(2:0)=001 2 bytes for registers+ 4Bytes of data

  Write_ADE7858_I2C(&I2c2Handle, WTHR1,0x00000001,6,1000);   //bit(2:0)=001 2 bytes for registers+ 4Bytes of data