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For ADV7441A is it possible to use ADC3 for YC chroma?

Question asked by JRGraves on Aug 8, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2017 by mattp

We have an existing fielded product with a newly discovered cabling problem.

We hope to fix this major problem with settings in the ADV7441A.


Is ADC1 always used for YC chroma?


We hope to use Ain5, Ain7 and Ain9 for YC chroma.

It seems that the analog input muxing options do not support routing Ain7 to ADC1.


Is it possible to use ADC3 for YC chroma?

In the functional block diagram shows a mux between ADC0-CHA, ADC1-CHB, ADC2-CHC, ADC3-CHD.

Is it possible to use this mux to rout ADC3 (can use Ain7) to CHB for SD-M YC chroma processing?


I have gone thru the latest versions of the ADV7441A Hardware and Software manuals.

In these documents I do not see an explicit association between ADC1 and YC chroma processing.

Can we use ADC3 for YC chroma processing?


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