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TX path FMCDAQ2 (r2017_r1)

Question asked by cerasic on Aug 8, 2017
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I 'm using FMCDAQ2 reference design hw R2017_R1 with no-OS (dev branch) on KC705 carrier.

The RX path (adc testmodes until data captured) seems to be correct, (automatic check of PN sequences, and I recognise the samples on the captured data.

When when I Loop back  one DAC to  one ADC (1 channel), I could'nt get out on the captured data, the pattern I put in the lut table  defined in the dac_buffer.c. (sine_lut_1 and sine_lut_2). This Lut has a size of 2 x 1024 samples, the DAC fifo has size of 8192 samples, please can you tell me what could be the problem ? The pattern I used for example 1 tone of 50 Mhz

sine_lut_1  odd samples , sine_lut_2 even samples  (total samples 2048).


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