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[fm-transmitter.grc] AD9364 keeps transmitting

Question asked by cigale on Aug 8, 2017
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Hello there,


 I am using AD9364 and FMCOMMS4. For the moment, I managed to use it in basic but various configurations and I must recognize it's an impressive IC - well done AD!


 However, I encountered some troubles when transmitting. Let's take for instance fm-transmitter.grc that is provided with AD Linux image. During transmit, I obtain the following spectrum:

centered on 106MHz which is the carrier I use and, so far, everything seems normal.

When I stop fm-transmitter.grc, using GNU Radio Companion's GUI or the console, the message "Buffer destroyed" is shown. But it seems that the device keeps transmitting:

The only way to make it stop is to open ADI IIO Oscilloscope, loading new parameters on the chip.

How do you "force" the device to stop transmitting after GNU Radio's code is finished? It seems that the stop() function isn't completely working.


My config: AD9364 on FMCOMMS4 demoboard, ZedBoard, Linux image 2016_R2.


Many thanks,