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AD9789-EBZ for generating RF pulsed signal

Question asked by Long_Hoang on Aug 8, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2017 by danf


Is there anybody working on AD9789-EBZ in QDUC mode to create RF pulsed signal? I have been attempting to send IQ data from FPGA to this evaluation board but it doesn't work at all. And I have tried again and again but i seems that my AD9789-EBZ-ND has error. Please regard the attach file for more detail. Is there anybody in the forum facing the same problem like me?

And if I send a pulse to one I channel (Real15 for example) and the other channels (both Real and Imag ones ) are set to 0. The output of DAC will be ON OFF following the pulse I send from FPGA???? If it doesn't work it means that the DAC is errorable, isn't it?

I am very much appreciated.