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can you give me a project of FCOMMS2/ZC702

Question asked by SKTYLDD on Aug 8, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2017 by CsomI

can you give me a project of FCOMMS2/ZC702 (AD9361), I have done much to build the project based on your eg in , but I encounter many problems, I have settled down these problems for two weeks ,enery time I settled one ,the  other one will come.

I build the project by "cd "and "source./ tcl",first I build these IPs, and then build the project. Using these ways,I built the project and meet a lot of  problems.

I have seen the user guide, it use "make -C" command to build the project,  when I input the command into Cygwin, it says "have no make command"

I have seen an eg, it has a project "fcomms2-zc702.xpr", can you give me a project, I really need it.