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ADE7878A EVA SOFTWARE doesn't recognize board

Question asked by Osamu on Aug 8, 2017
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ADE7878A Eva soft and driver installed PC. So Eva-board connected PC through USB. 

 And Eva-board appeared in PC's Device manager on COM ports.

After that  Eva soft runs but the Eva soft doesn't recognize the board.

On the soft initial window

Eavl Board is conned at port "  "

The Firmware used is " "

The ADE IC on board is " "

All " " is blank.


Reboot, Re-install Eva-soft and driver, COM Port change and resetting did not improve.

 I think The cause is PC OS win7 32bits. Because  This PC can install XP driver but can't  w7_w8 64bit.

By the way, others Win7 64bit and XP PC had no problem.

Is there a solution?


Best regards.