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AD8429 capacitive coupling resistors on PCB

Question asked by nishamaj on Aug 7, 2017
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I am trying to set a neural recording system on a PCB. I do not have any AC coupling at the input but the inputs are obtained from nerve cuffs which may have a capacitance linked to it. I would like to know if that would necessitate the use of the resistors to ground at the inputs as shown in the datasheet.


I will be using a gain of 20 or more with inputs in the +/- 1 to 20 uV range and output maximum of +/- 6 mV.


Do these INAMPS work well with direct input connections for these low-noise low amplitude signal measurements or are there reported issues of high offsets? (High here would mean an output offset of greater than 6mV with the gains mentioned above.


Thanks in advance for the help!