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ADE7953, single-phase, shunt, correct layout

Question asked by sergeytravyanko on Aug 7, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by ASanchez

Good day.

I am developing a watt-stable dimmer for heater (1500...3000 watts, 220AC), the adjustment is provided by the opening angle of the triaс or skipping periods . When developing i used next documents:

 - datasheet ADE7953, rev. C

 - schematic of evaluation board UG-194, rev.A

 - application note AN-639, rev. A

As a result, I have the following scheme and PCB. It is OK?

I will be glad to any advice.

Also, I have questions, what will happen if the phase and the neutral are swapped in the XP2 connector? The scheme will work?

Also, in AN-649, section "System-level questions", you say:

From the PCB designer’s standpoint, analog ground (AGND)
and digital ground (DGND) pins of the ADE IC should be tied
together outside the chip with the lowest impedance connection

But in datasheet you say:

The exposed pad of the ADE7953 is soldered to an equivalent
pad on the PCB. The AGND, DGND, and PULL_LOW pins
traces of the ADE7953 are then routed directly in to the PCB

What should I follow?


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