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25AA1024 can not be programmed though I2C USBi

Question asked by rkn on Aug 6, 2017
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I am working on a custom board with ADAU1452. The ADAU1452 should run in selfboot mode. Therefore, I attached a 25AA1024 SPI EEPROM coping the schematic from the evaluation board.

An USBi connects to the ADAU1452 via I2C on the slave port. Communication with SigmaStudio works. I can download a program and can verify that the DSP executes it.

But whatever I try I cannot program the 25AA1024 and therefore, not make the DSP selfbooting.

There is no error message in SigmaStudio. But after programming and cycling power on off the DSP does not execute any program and is set into factory settings.

With a scope I saw some traffic on the SPI Master port when booting but during programming there seems to be no traffic.

Thus, can the SPI EEPROM be programmed if the DSP is connected only via I2C to USBi?

Please note: I can not change the USBi-DSP connection to SPI atm because this would require a hardware redesign.

I attached some screentshots of the configuration in  SigmaStudio. Maybe here something is wrong?

For programming I followed the instructions given in the manual of the ADAU1452 evaluation board.