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Unexpected change of interval of Vsync/Hsync

Question asked by Mehiro on Aug 4, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2017 by Mehiro

I'm using ADV7610 (HDMI RX) for our video board.

and have problem on sync output (External sync : Vsync, Hsync, and Internal sync : TRS has same issue).

the sync pulse interval sometimes changes.

but there is no errors on TMDS input from checking flags below.

we also check Crystal clock, but no noise on it.

Video input format : 1080p59, YCbCr 422


It seems that the issue occurs heavily at the point of input video changing from black picture to colored picture(natural image).


    # total line number
    # active line number
    # hsync front porch
    # hsync width
    # hsync back porch
    # field0 total height
    # field0 active height
    # field0 vsync front porch
    # field0 vsync pluse width
    # field0 vsync back porch


I'd like to have any help to check where to find the cause.