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How to provide timer with external clock source?

Question asked by Walther on Aug 3, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by Jithul_Janardhanan

I wont to use TMR0 timers in BF609 for generating clock signals from an external clock source.
How I provide some of the TMR0 timers an external clock source? In the TIMER_TMRn_CFG register is the CLKSEL field for chosing SCLK, TMR_ALT_CLK0 or TMR_ALT_CLK1 as TMR clock. But what means TMR_ALT_CLK0 and TMR_ALT_CLK1? This are not real Pins on the BF609 chip. Instead of this there are 8 Pins named TM0_ACLK0-7 which seems to be the alternate clock input for each of the 8 timers. How is the assignment of the 8 Pins TM0_ACLK0-7 to the clock sources TMR_ALT_CLK0 and TMR_ALT_CLK1?
It looks as there is an not described register which maps two of the TM0_ACLK0-7 pins to the TMR_ALT_CLK0 and TMR_ALT_CLK1 sources for each timer. But may be this assumption is an fault.

In this context my next question is, what I have to do for activating the TM0_ACLK0-7 as inputs for the timers? Data sheet says "Input Tap" to this pins. What exactly I have to to to activate this "Input Tap" regarding the pin multiplexing?