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AD9854 Labview FPGA control

Question asked by RusBus123 on Aug 3, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2017 by RusBus123

I am trying to write a Labview program to control two AD9854's which will generate the signal for AODs in an optical trapping setup. Unfortunately I don't have much experience with Labview so I was wondering if someone already had the VI's to do this with Labview FPGA. We have a PXI-7854R installed in a PXIe-1062 Chassis. The 7854R is connected to a SCB-68A breakout box which is then connected to the AD9854 via ribbon cable. the AD9854 has a 14-pin DIP, 49.152 MHz fixed output, HCMOS logic, temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) installed (we are just using one board for now to test bench). I have been working off of the VI's supplied by the Comstock Lab which are available for download here: Comstock Lab: Software but we only need the AD9854 control portion, not the whole Fleezers control. I have attached the project I have been working on, currently not working, I think its a timing issue. any help would be much appreciated. I can add more info if needed. Thanks.