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Master Control Port  Interface R/W

Question asked by op-electronics on Aug 3, 2017
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i'm testing Master Control Port Interface Read and Write through SPI with GPIO triggering. I'm trying to write a simple value then read it back at boot time but this seems not to work.


I opened months ago a bug report about Master Control Port Interface (perhaps i can't find it anymore in my messages history) and as said it should have been fixed with Sigma Studio 3.15, the report was made for I2C since SPI wasn't still available with Sigma Studio 3.14.



These are in brief the steps i'm doing:


- write 6 to DC block

- download then burn eeprom 25AA1024 with the program

- write 7 to DC block

- push the Switch to trigger the write block

- power off then on the device


I would expect to get 7 on readback block but i get 6.


Can you please check this and tell me what's wrong?


Thank you