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ADXL355 - external clock / no sync

Question asked by DL2017 on Aug 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2018 by Anthony.DeSimone

Hi community,

I use an external clock for the ADXL355 without a sync signal.
On the datasheet on capitel "External Synchronisation and Interpolation" on page 29 the case is described for EXT_SYNC=01.

"When using the EXT_SYNC mode and without providing sync, the device runs on its own synchronization. Similarly, after synchronization, the device continues to run synchronized to the last sync pulse it received, which means that EXT_SYNC = 01 mode can be used with only a single synchronization pulse."


My question is:
On the datasheet is described that I need one sync pulse. But on my electronics I don*t use a sync pulse and it works fine.

So I don't need a sync pulse?