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The correct arrangement of FMCOMMS2 Source /Sink module on gnuradio 

Question asked by mr_nazrin on Aug 3, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2017 by mr_nazrin

Dear Support Community,


I'm successful construct a complex multiplier processing on gnuradio + Zedboard +FMCOMMS2 as shown in Figure hardware1.png and the flow graph my-flow-graph.png. The response is very well. I took example from cyclic-sine.grc and modified it by adding that complex multiplier.


Then my next project is to generate a signal source and transmit from TX1. This signal feed into receiver RX2 before go to my complex multiplier module. Then this result will transmit by TX2 before I will display this result on QT Sink on receiver RX1 as shown in Figure hardware2.png.


1- May I get some idea how can I arrange module FMCOMMS2 Source and FMCOMMS2 Sink properly that match my hardware configuration that I mention on Figure hardware2.png.


2- On this link GNU Radio [Analog Devices Wiki]  FMCOMMS-2.png, I found that FMCOMMS2 Source and FMCOMMS2 Sink are directly connected but in our cyclic-sine.grc , they are virtually separated  on the flow graph. Can someone describe more the differences. 


Thank You,